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More than 25 dead in Brussels train crash

I found out about this horrific disaster from some of my friends comments on Facebook. I did not no where or when it happened, but I suddenly felt physically sick as I knew my boyfriend was travelling on a train back to Leeds for university. I immediately switched onto to Sky News to see where the accident had occurred.  I was relieved to see that it was no trains in the UK. But the images of the crash were so horrific. I felt so upset for all the passengers and families of the dead. Some of the images  used by the Daily Mail, were provided by eye witnesses who posted them on twitter within a few minutes of the collision. I do not yet know the cause of this terrible accident, but by looking at tweets, Facebook and I-reader I am sure I will find out more.

My thoughts go out to all those involved.



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The death of Alexander McQueen

R.I.P McQueen


I must admit I didn’t know anything about the guy and it wasn’t until his death that I have actually thought to find out about him. I now realise that after seeing all the newspaper paper headlines, tweets and Facebook comments just how much of a big figure he was within the celebrity world. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker was one of those deeply affected by the loss of such a great designer.

Looking at twitter and searching for Alexander McQueen, I couldn’t believe how many tweets were being added per minute. From the time that I logged in to just searching for him, there were 11 new tweets posted.

Fans have set up R.I.P groups on Facebook in his memory. Also comments on how amazing his work was or still is. I searched for him on YouTube and there are many videos been added about his death. Most of them are comments and views from celebrities about how much they are affected by his death.

His “suicide” is a result of the death of his mother, on the eve of her funeral. This is such a tragic story and after using google i-reader, Facebook and twitter, and seeing how quickly I could find out about it.

I will definitely be using these tools in the future to found out other big news topics to make sure I am up to date.

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The test blog

This is my first post for my mac 299 module at the University of Sunderland.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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